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World’s Best Garden Topiary

Topiary is a horticultural practice of clipping shrubs, foliage and twigs of trees to form fanciful or geometric shapes. It’s an art of creating living sculptures.

The very first to have topiary are the Roman gardens but not as artistic as what we have now. There are hundreds or even thousands of beautiful topiary worldwide but we will only feature those that stand out among the rest.

The all-time favorites are taken from Walt Disney World’s Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Center. It’s where characters like The Crocodile in Peter Pan, Woody in Toy Story, Hogsworth in Beauty and The Beast, Lighting McQueen in Cars and Pluto come to life in a special form of topiary.



Mosaicultures Montreal International in Canada also developed an outstanding exhibit of art works and gardens. Acclaimed horticulturists, landscape architects from different cities shared poetic beauty and innovative concept which started 12 years ago as a celebration of International Mosaiculture.

Owl Topiary

Owl Topiary

On the 29th Olympic Game, China displayed an extraordinary set of topiary. Visitors from other Nations are astounded with its tremendous efforts as the host of 2008 Olympic Games.


Beijing Olympics

In Thailand, topiary is a popular feature among private and public gardens, decorating government buildings, temples and home. Here’s the famous flower owl garden.

Amazing Owl

Amazing Owl

Plants used for these topiary are woody shrubs and evergreen or any small trees that can produce dense of foliage. The plants suitable are Ficus Pumila, Rosemary, Cypress, English Ivy, Boxwood, Thyme, and mostly all hollies and yews. It’s amazing what can be done with a little bit of green, Isn’t it?

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