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How To Convert Garden Sheds Into Houses

Have you been thinking lately on what to do because there’s not enough space in your house? Why not consider using your garden shed. If this structure is only sitting there idly, gathering dusts on your property and unused for quite a long time, don’t you think converting it to a house is an excellent idea?

These days garden sheds are no longer limited as a storage system for gardening tools and other equipment because it can easily renovated to a house, home gym, guest room or even an office. Conversions of these structures will no longer be costly since it will only need few interior designs.

The first step before you proceed with your project, though, is to consult your local government offices. If permit is needed, fill up the application forms immediately. Seek help from a qualified specialist for all your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs. Provide all the basic requirements to help you save time in processing and pay all necessary fees.

If there is no need to get a permit, all you need to do is draft your own plan, and if you are extremely lucky to be equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, you can immediately put your plan into action. Nowadays, the costs of advanced technology products are going down so it’s really easy for a “do it yourself home repair”. Meanwhile, there are still few things you need to take note of.

  • Clean your garden shed inside and out. That way you get the clear picture on how to get started.
  • Ensure that the foundation, ceiling and walls are still strong and secure.
  • Hire the best man or plumbing services for your kitchen sink, septic system, toilet and bath.
  • For electrical concerns such as outlets, lights and wirings that you want to add, need to replace or remove, seek professional help from a qualified electrician.
  • Once the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing needs have been done, install insulation materials for the ceilings and walls.
  • Once walls and ceiling insulation materials have been installed; clad the ceiling and interior walls by plywood sheets or any strong materials of your choice.
  • No need to place plastics to moisture-proof the walls and ceilings if there are insulation materials.
  • Best if you check the electrical outlets and switches if it functions properly. Plumbing, faucets, and draining system must be tested to ensure that there are no leaks before completing the interior and exterior paintings.
  • After all the paintings had dried, you can use a floor cover like a carpet, floating floors, vinyl tiles or linoleums, and add decorative grilles to windows to finish the structure and make it more homey looking.
  • To add aesthetic effects in your new house, add photos, posters or anything that you like.

Converting your garden shed into a different level will not only bring ease and comfort but will surely add aesthetic effects in your property.

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