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Top 5 iPhone Apps for the Gardeners

How do you get those veggies to grow, these flowers to bloom and those pesky pests to go away? For each task involved with gardening, there’s an iPhone app to create it a bit simpler. Here are five apps to assist all gardeners, from those that have a full-scale backyard to these with apartment houseplants. For the gardener with out a green thumb-or a garden, there’s an app for that too.

1. Garden ToDo (v1.01) Building Rainbows Software ($1.99)

Garden ToDo (v1.01) Building Rainbows Software ($1.99)

An enhanced checklist for all your outdoor tasks, Garden ToDo makes sure you get the job done, whether it’s mowing the law, cleaning the pond or trimming shrubs,. Add a task to the checklist, prioritize it with a star rating, attach notes and add a picture of the problem area. Tasks can be arranged by date and priority. All done? Simply press “task complete” and admire your work.

2. The Plant Doctor (v3.4) Times To Come Mobile ($1.99)

The Plant Doctor (v3.4) TimesToCome Mobile ($1.99)

Are there brown spots on the leaves of your rose bushes? Do you have sticky spots on your apple tree? Consult the Plant Doctor about what to do. Just answer the Plant Doctor’s thorough list of “true or false” questions, and you’ll receive a diagnosis and suggested treatment in just seconds. Thanks, Doc.

3. HousePlant (v1.3) Serguei Panfilov ($1.99)

HousePlant (v1.3) Serguei Panfilov ($1.99)

House plants brighten up our offices and homes by adding colour and sometimes, a little fresh air. Help keep them alive with the HousePlant app, a comprehensive database of information about when to water your plants, how much humidity and light they need, what temperature is best, and how to repot the plants after they flower. The app also has a basic troubleshooting guide for common house-plant problems. You can personalize the app by adding the plants you have onto the “My Plants” list, which can be arranged by location, or by which plants need watering that day.

4. Eden Garden Designer (v1.4) Herbaceous Software ($1.99)

Eden Garden Designer (v1.4) Herbaceous Software ($1.99)

The Eden Garden Designer app lets you enjoy the beauty of a garden with none of the risk and none of the cost. This virtual garden-design app lets you “plant” perennials on two pre-loaded backgrounds, or your own photos. The app’s large plant library allows infinite possibilities. Choose flowers and greenery according to height, colour, type or blooming season, and then watch your garden come alive as the plants sway gently with the breeze and bees travel from flower to flower. To see how your garden will change throughout the year, set your garden to any season.

5. Gardener Toolkit (v1.0.2) Applied Objects ($3.99)

Gardener Toolkit (v1.0.2) Applied Objects ($3.99)

Packed with features and nicely designed, the Gardener Toolkit does the job of several apps: it lets you keep a list (with notes) of what’s in your garden, keeps a tally of to-do tasks and offers detailed info on plant care—including when to sow and harvest, preferred shade positions and recommended plant spacing—for hundreds of shrubs, flowers and veggies. The app also has a handy advice section with a monthly gardening tip, and a guide to what to plant now. Like other gardening apps, you can keep a list of what you’ve planted so information you need for your garden is right at your fingertips.
Enjoy these iPhone Apps and share it with your friends.. 😀

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