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Taste of spring: A crisp, flavorful salad can brighten any table

Do you love to eat salad? Well, I do. But there are some people who don’t like it. Perhaps, if you will try one of the recipes provided from, which is written by Deb Nicklay, you may love to eat vegetable salads for spring season. In fact, spring salad can make this season springier. Some of the recipes are given by their readers. This is great for you and for others who are looking for great recipes this spring. You can try the shrimp salad, lettuce salad, potato salad special, refreshing grape salad, Italian broccoli salad, and many more. You just have to visit this site to see the entire recipes:

spring salad

South Australian Flower Emblem

sturt's desert pea

The Flower emblem of South Australia is the Sturt’s Desert Pea or its scientific name is Swainsona formosa. It was proclaimed as the flower emblem of South Australia last November 23, 1961. The flower has a unique and outstanding beauty. William Dampier is the one who first saw the flower. But its name was derived from an explorer, Captain Charles Sturt during the 19th century. It produces red flowers with black boss at the base of the uppermost petal. After four months of germination, you can expect its flowers to bloom which can reach up to 9 cm long. In South Australia, this flower is protected. It is illegal to simply get the flowers without permission from the local authorities.


Gardening Tips: Guidelines for moving trees or shrubs


There are times when you need to move your trees or shrubs to other locations. You can move them for transplanting especially when it is during later winter or early spring. From, Booker T. Leigh has given tips how you can move your trees and shrubs. First, it is important to water the tree or shrub two days prior to the schedule of transfer. Plants also suffer from stress and in this way, stress will be prevented. Second, do not remove the tree or shrub if you still haven’t dug the new area where they will be transplanted. Aside from that, it is not good if the roots will exposed to dry air. Lastly, make sure that the hole is big enough for the tree or shrub. And also, you should see to it that it has the same depth with its previous location.


Waratah – The New South Wales Floral Emblem

emblemThere is no doubt that Australia is a rich country. In fact, each state and territory has different floral emblem. For New South Wales, their floral emblem is Waratah or Telopea speciosissim. It was proclaimed last October 24, 1962. Robert Brown is the one who named the plant.


Waratah belongs to the family of Proteaceae. The meaning of its name according to Greek is “seen a far”. Perhaps, this is because, you will already see the flower even a few distances. It can be considered as a tree or a shrub which can grow up to 3 meters tall. The birds act as the pollinator. You will witness its flowers from September to November. It produces red flowers.


In Defense Of Garden Cats

In defense of garden catsAs a scientist, I’d love to tell you that I carefully examined the data collection methods and statistics presented in the paper, but Nature Communications is one of those journals who publish manuscripts, usually for a fee, from authors (who are themselves required to publish or perish from their respective academic jobs) and then Nature Communications turns around and charges everyone else to read those articles, with no kick-back to the authors or the source of research funds for the study. (more…)