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The Different DIY Garden Chandelier Ideas

There are so many ways how we can beautify our home no matter if it is indoor or outdoor. One of these ways is to use chandeliers. Chandeliers vary. You can have lots of options depending on your taste, budget, and the style of the place where you want to put it. Of course, everything must complement so that satisfaction will be achieved. However, many people are not usually attracted to buy chandeliers because of the price. That’s why in today’s post, I will show the different DIY garden chandelier ideas which you may use at home. They are all easy to do and not expensive. In fact, you may use recycled items. In this way, you will enhance the beauty of your garden without breaking your bank account.

Little Glass Jars

little jars

Most probably you have little glass jars at home. Instead of just putting them away, why not try to reuse them?  All you have to do is to clean the little jars; add some pebbles or small stone to each of the jars; add small candles. But make sure that they are put in the middle of the jar; and use a hanging planter basket to attach each of the jars into it. Just make sure that they are all secured so that they won’t fall. When the night comes, you can just light the candles and this will already serve as your new DIY chandelier.

Paper Chandeliers

paper chandelier

You can also make a paper chandelier for your patio deck. However, you just have to make sure that the paper you use is sturdier than any other kinds of paper. You can use wax paper, construction paper, or poster board. Just use a hanging planter basket. Cut the paper into circles or any shapes which you think would best fit. You can use cookie cutter that would serve as your guide to come up with a perfect shape. You can attach the paper using ribbon, glue stick, and glue gun. Attach them to the hanging planter basket. The center is where you will put your light or bulb. It is just easy to do and yet it brings elegance to the entire place.

Beaded Chandeliers

beaded chandelier

This kind of project can be time consuming and needs your attention to small details. But with patience and determination, this can lead to an outstanding chandelier, without the need to spend more. Choose the color, the size, and the shape of the beads that you want. You can combine several colors or you can just use plain color. You can use thin-gauge wire. This is where you will insert your beads. Others use nylon so that the beads are not too stiff. You may begin beading. Attach each of the finished beads with the nylon or thin-gauge wire into the hanging planter basket. You can combine the beads to the bottom part so that the whole hanging planter basket will be covered. This also adds attraction to your DIY chandelier. But never forget to put your bulb on the middle of it.

Shell chandeliers

shell chandelier

There are also shell chandeliers. However, you may have difficulty looking for shells. Aside from that, most of the time, this kind of DIY chandelier requires the hand of a skillful person. But you won’t really regret it as it can be unique though it may look simple.

There you have it, the different DIY chandeliers. You can use your imagination and creativity when making yours. What I love about making projects like this is the chance to recycle old stuff. In fact, others use the part of their old electric fan. Plus, you will have the chance to enjoy as this can be fun. You can even do this with your friends or family. Lastly, you will get the satisfaction of watching your work and how it turns out to be.

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