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Cooktown Orchid – Floral Emblem of Queensland

cooktown orchidCooktown Orchid or its scientific name is Dendrobium phalaenopsis comes from the family of Orchidaceae. The botanic name is still in debate today. Last 1959, it was proclaimed as the floral emblem of Queensland. It is easily cultivated in the native land of Queensland. It was first collected by Dr Thomson. It was named by a botanist named John Lindley. It is commonly found in trees and branches.

The plant can grow up to 80 centimeters in height. It can bare lilac, purple, or rarely white flowers which grow 10 to 40 centimeters long. When cultivated, it can produce flowers all year long. But if it is grown in the wild, it may only produce flowers during summer.



Traveling within the United States

I’m not living in the United States. But I often hear lots of great things about it. Of course, it is one of the richest countries in the world. In fact, lots of people from all over the world dream of coming into that place either for good or for vacation. That’s why out of my curiosity, I have made a research about it, particularly the great places one should visit upon going there.

Even if you will travel away from home or you even leave your own country, this does not mean that you won’t enjoy it. One of the great places you can go to is the United States. What you may find great about it is you can visit up to 50 states by land only. It’s like you’re having an island hopping.

The National Parks

national park


DIY Garden Planter & Birds Bath

As a gardener, I know the importance of planters and birds bath in the garden. Birds are beneficial for the garden. Plus, they can also help the garden owners feel relax with their chirping sound. From, a DIY planter, birds bath, and feeder was presented. It is easy to follow and you will surely have fun doing it. Check out the site now to know the materials required as well as the complete instructions. Thus, you will no longer need to buy planter and birds bath. This can help you save money.


The Floral Emblem Of Northern Territory, Australia

If you would read my posts in the past few weeks, you will find out about the different floral emblems of the states in Australia. Today, I will introduce to you the floral emblem of the Northern Territory.

sturt rose desert


The Best Annual Vines for Your Garden

Annual vines are great to have for your garden. They add beauty and attraction. Because of this, I wonder what the best annual vines are. Good thing that I have found this blog which listed the best annual vines. First on the list is the Morning Glory. These flowers are in blue, purple, pink, and white. However, the flowers may only bloom every morning. Second is the cardinal vine. It grows fast. It can give you red, pink, and white flowers. Lastly is the cypress vine. It also produces, red, pink, and white colors of flowers. The flowers close when it is already afternoon. The rest of these vines are listed here: