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Western Australia’s Floral Emblem

The floral emblem of Western Australia is the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw and its scientific name is Anigozanthos manglesii. It comes from the family of Haemodoraceae. It was proclaimed last Novemeber 9, 1960.

Kangaroo Paws

It is a very unique low shrub. Its stem is flowering which can reach up to 1.1 metres in height. It has a capacity to bear large flowers. The stem is covered with tiny hairs with red or purple color. It grows flowers in between August to October. You should be a licensed collector before you can own one because this is categorized as protected.

It will grow fast when it is planted in a sandy soil and propagated by root division. It is considered as biennial because it tends to deteriorate during the second season. You have to use snail bait so that this can be protected. This is really susceptible to snail damage. You should not provide it with supplementary water during summer, especially if they are dormant.

How To Take Care Of Red And Green Kangaroo Paw?

·     Protect them from harmful diseases.

As I’ve said before, they are prone to snail invasion which can lead to their death. That’s why you need to use snail bait. They are also prone to ink spot disease. This means that black spots are formed in the leaves which will lead them to die. Even if this is caused by fungi, fungicide treatment seems not to work. That’s why you should place the plant in a sunny area and avoid overwatering.

·     Plant them in a sandy soil.

The plant will only grow in a sandy soil. This is because proper drainage should be ensured. They also need to be placed in a sunny area. Moisture or overwatering will lead them to die as they will be contaminated with fungi. You should also transfer the plant inside the house before the winter comes.

·     Water them properly.

During winter they should be kept dry. You should only use tap water when watering because the chlorine will evaporate. You can also use fresh rain water. Just remember that chlorine will let the plant die.

When it comes to fertilizing, you should use natural compost and do this at least once a month. You can apply the compost around the plants.

·     Prune them regularly.

You prune them regularly by cutting down the brown and wilted flower. In this way, there will be a new growth after a few days. Do not cut the leaves alone as they will eventually die. You should remove the entire leaves so that new stalk will grow.

Source of information: Australian National Botanic Gardens.



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