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Traveling within the United States

I’m not living in the United States. But I often hear lots of great things about it. Of course, it is one of the richest countries in the world. In fact, lots of people from all over the world dream of coming into that place either for good or for vacation. That’s why out of my curiosity, I have made a research about it, particularly the great places one should visit upon going there.

Even if you will travel away from home or you even leave your own country, this does not mean that you won’t enjoy it. One of the great places you can go to is the United States. What you may find great about it is you can visit up to 50 states by land only. It’s like you’re having an island hopping.

The National Parks

national park

America has great national parks which may make you appreciate the planet’s natural habitats. These are the places which have been preserved because of their wildlife. In this way, man won’t have the chance to change it or to destroy it. But they have also made some additions to enhance the beauty of the place and to make it more appealing to the tourist. There are lodges, restaurants, cafes, and walkways to cater the needs of the visitors.

The Coastlines and Beaches


You should try getting the coastline and walking along the thousands of sandy miles that America can give. Even if they are just separated with an imaginary border, one beach can be different from another. The beaches are great places for fun and excitement which you will never experience from others. There are so many activities to do like surfing, fishing, sailing, swimming, playing beach sports.



Only in Hawaii where you will have the chance to experience the tropical life which you may never experience from the other states. It is surrounded by water on all sides. That’s why you should only visit by plane or by boat. You can enjoy the experience sailing on the sea through boat. Even if traveling by plane is faster, you won’t enjoy the beautiful scenery like when you are traveling by boat.

The towering mountain ranges

mountain ranges

You should also visit the towering mountain ranges that line the country. This is good especially if you will be more in the mountains than on the road. You can select a good place where your family can enjoy the adventure of mountain climbing. You can even try to climb one mountain to another and enjoy the peak of it. Most probably, you would feel like you are on top of the world.

But before you think of your destination, you should always prioritize your safety. Remember that you will be far away from home. Always be prepared for accidents and emergency. When traveling by land, see to it that you have extra tires for your car as well as enough fuel. Never forget to bring your first aid kit and communication device like cell phone or even a tablet. Most importantly, bring enough food, water, and cash along the way.

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  1. Amazing places!! Would love to be able to explore these places. Beautiful photos

    April 24, 2013 at 9:34 am

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