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Cooktown Orchid – Floral Emblem of Queensland

cooktown orchidCooktown Orchid or its scientific name is Dendrobium phalaenopsis comes from the family of Orchidaceae. The botanic name is still in debate today. Last 1959, it was proclaimed as the floral emblem of Queensland. It is easily cultivated in the native land of Queensland. It was first collected by Dr Thomson. It was named by a botanist named John Lindley. It is commonly found in trees and branches.

The plant can grow up to 80 centimeters in height. It can bare lilac, purple, or rarely white flowers which grow 10 to 40 centimeters long. When cultivated, it can produce flowers all year long. But if it is grown in the wild, it may only produce flowers during summer.

How to grow a Cooktown Orchid?

You can propagate it from a seed or a mature plant. You can place it or attach it in a bark or tree. It should be exposed to full sunlight. However, it should be protected from drying until the roots have fully established in the bark. It can also be planted in a hanging planter or pot as long as there is proper drainage. During summer it should be frequently watered. But during winter, it should also be watered in small amount to prevent it from shriveling which will lead to decay or rot. You should also apply light fertilization, especially during summer. During autumn and winter, you can cut its flowers. They will last up to 2 weeks in water. You can place them inside your house as an additional decoration. When it regards to light and ventilation, you should put it in a bright location. Proper ventilation is also one of key for it to grow successfully. Proper ventilation will prevent fungal and bacterial diseases. You should not place it in a an area that can be block by sheds, fences, and other trees.


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