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Lovely Epacris impressa – The Flower Emblem Of Victoria, Australia


The floral emblem of Victoria in Australia is the Epacris impressa or also known as Common health. It comes from the family of Epacridaceae. It was declared as the floral emblem last November 11, 1958. Jacques-Julien Houton de Labillardiere is a botanist who first saw the flower in Tasmania.


The Most Expensive Resorts in The World

Are you wondering about the most expensive resorts in the world? Perhaps, one day you can visit one of these resorts. However, they are very expensive that most probably, any ordinary man can’t afford. Celebrities and billionaires have more chances of staying in those wonderful places.

Just to give you an overview, here are the most expensive resorts in the world:

Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel

royal penthouse (more…)

Tips on choosing the right blinds for your home

Pinned ImageIf you are looking to update your home, a good first step is to look at the way your windows are covered. Modern homes are swapping their heavy drapes for the contemporary look of blinds. Blinds can fit in with any decorating scheme as they come in a huge colour range and can be custom made to suit the needs of your home.

There are a range of materials from fabric and wood to aluminium, and a variety of types including block out, light filtering, flame retardant and environmentally friendly options. In order to work your way through the options, consult experts like Melbourne Blind Company to help you work out what is best for your home. Think about what blinds will best match your budget, taste and lifestyle. Do you have any unusually shaped windows that will require a specific design? Are you interested in blinds for inside and outside your home? Will it be roller blinds, panel glides or perhaps venetians?


To attract butterflies, don’t kill the caterpillars

Do you love butterflies? I love to see them, especially if they come in different colors. There are only rare gardens which have butterflies. So, if you have them in your garden, you are fortunate. So, you better take care of them. An article written by Tom Oder from, if you want to have butterflies in your garden, you should not kill the caterpillars. Do not be tempted to spray them with insecticide or kill them with your tools. In fact, he emphasizes that it is good to plant caterpillar plants if you want to attract butterflies. The female butterflies would only lay their eggs on that plant. An example of caterpillar plant is pipevine (Aristolochia tomentosa). You can also plant passion flower. Although butterflies will feed on nectar plants, this is still useless if you don’t have caterpillar plants because they won’t lay their eggs on those plants.

“Beautiful plants like roses are like a movie set to butterflies,” Glassberg says. “Caterpillars don’t feed on them, so they don’t have any functionality for butterflies.”