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Lovely Epacris impressa – The Flower Emblem Of Victoria, Australia


The floral emblem of Victoria in Australia is the Epacris impressa or also known as Common health. It comes from the family of Epacridaceae. It was declared as the floral emblem last November 11, 1958. Jacques-Julien Houton de Labillardiere is a botanist who first saw the flower in Tasmania.

It is a slender shrub that grows uprightly. Its branches consist or woolly hair. Its leaves are ending with sharp point. When it regards to the flower, it has masses of narrow tubular. It can give pink, white, and red lovely flowers. It blooms from March to November. If you want to plant it, the soil should be loamy, sandy, or rocky for it to thrive. It is best to be planted in heathland, woodland, and forest. What is amazing about this flower is while everyone has having difficulty surviving in the frost or winter, this flower loves that season. So, during summer, moisture is very vital. You should also prune it after the flowering time so that it will last long and continue to grow.

You can propagate it through its seeds. But make sure to maintain the cool and dry condition for 12 to 16 weeks after it was harvest and before sowing. You can put the seed in a pot and maintain adequate moisture. Usually, the germination of seed is not that rapid. So, you have to be patient. When it is time for you to transplant it, you should pay extra care because its fine roots are sensitive.




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