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Frugal gardening: Tips to save on the lawn and garden

Most people don’t like the idea of gardening because of the cost. Yeah, it could be that gardening can cost you more, especially if you have a bigger space. You may need lots of planters or pots. Aside from that, you will also have to pay for the maintenance like buying manure. However, in today’s modern generation, gardening can be less costly as long as you have the right information how to save. From, an article talks about how you can save on the lawn and garden.


First, you may join a horticultural society. This is because you will have higher chances of buying plants which are on sale. Second, you may plant on seeds. Seeds are cheaper than those plants which are already large. Lastly, reduce water bills by applying mulch. Mulch can help retain moisture which means that you will no longer need to add more water on your plants.

For the other tips, you may check:


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