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A lot of bloggers these days are writing posts on creative ways to garden. Recently I have come across a few that I thought were interesting and I would like to share them with you today. One of the pages I visit frequently is the Facebook page of Grow Foods, Not Lawns. Their page is littered with hundreds of different ideas on how to plant gardens in creative and funky ways. Take for instance these Heineken beer bottles turned into planters.

I really enjoyed this chicken coop. What a great way to re-purpose an old trampoline! And once the chickens get through with their eggs, they can jump on the trampoline!

This also caught my attention, where do gardeners come up with these ideas? I wish some of this creative genius grew on me!

This little idea was brought to you by Inspire Bohemia. This looks like the best use…

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The Most Beautiful Japanese Gardens In The World

Japan is also known for their beautiful and unique garden designs. That’s why other countries are inspired to create their own version of Japanese garden. In fact, even in different houses, lots of homeowners are inclined to have their Japanese garden. Here the top 10 most beautiful Japanese garden from the different countries:

Japanese Garden – Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Frugal gardening: Tips to save on the lawn and garden

Most people don’t like the idea of gardening because of the cost. Yeah, it could be that gardening can cost you more, especially if you have a bigger space. You may need lots of planters or pots. Aside from that, you will also have to pay for the maintenance like buying manure. However, in today’s modern generation, gardening can be less costly as long as you have the right information how to save. From, an article talks about how you can save on the lawn and garden.

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10 Most Awesome Guerrilla Gardens from Around the World

When you hear about Guerilla gardening, what comes in your mind? According to, it is used as a way to protest. Aside from that, it can beautify any surroundings, provide food, as well as strengthen any community. Usually, it is not legal. The plants are planted in a wrong land. Most people say that it is a way of vandalism and trespassing. Below are the famous guerilla gardens:

The Dumpster Garden

The dumpster garden

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Lovely Epacris impressa – The Flower Emblem Of Victoria, Australia


The floral emblem of Victoria in Australia is the Epacris impressa or also known as Common health. It comes from the family of Epacridaceae. It was declared as the floral emblem last November 11, 1958. Jacques-Julien Houton de Labillardiere is a botanist who first saw the flower in Tasmania.

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