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Western Australia’s Floral Emblem

The floral emblem of Western Australia is the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw and its scientific name is Anigozanthos manglesii. It comes from the family of Haemodoraceae. It was proclaimed last Novemeber 9, 1960.

Kangaroo Paws



South Australian Flower Emblem

sturt's desert pea

The Flower emblem of South Australia is the Sturt’s Desert Pea or its scientific name is Swainsona formosa. It was proclaimed as the flower emblem of South Australia last November 23, 1961. The flower has a unique and outstanding beauty. William Dampier is the one who first saw the flower. But its name was derived from an explorer, Captain Charles Sturt during the 19th century. It produces red flowers with black boss at the base of the uppermost petal. After four months of germination, you can expect its flowers to bloom which can reach up to 9 cm long. In South Australia, this flower is protected. It is illegal to simply get the flowers without permission from the local authorities.