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Grow Your Own Wheatgrass


Wheatgrass is a popular drink in juice bars or sold as powdered supplements at health food stores, but it can be rather expensive; this Instructable shows an easy and inexpensive alternative. (more…)

How To Use Landscaping For All Four Seasons?

Have you ever felt envious of your neighbor’s yard? Afterwords, did you try to come up with one excuse or another, as to why you cannot make your home look like that? If you have, yen take the time to read the following article, in order to help make your home look just as good as your neighbor’s, if not better.


The Most Beautiful Japanese Gardens In The World

Japan is also known for their beautiful and unique garden designs. That’s why other countries are inspired to create their own version of Japanese garden. In fact, even in different houses, lots of homeowners are inclined to have their Japanese garden. Here the top 10 most beautiful Japanese garden from the different countries:

Japanese Garden – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina (more…)

10 Most Awesome Guerrilla Gardens from Around the World

When you hear about Guerilla gardening, what comes in your mind? According to, it is used as a way to protest. Aside from that, it can beautify any surroundings, provide food, as well as strengthen any community. Usually, it is not legal. The plants are planted in a wrong land. Most people say that it is a way of vandalism and trespassing. Below are the famous guerilla gardens:

The Dumpster Garden

The dumpster garden


To attract butterflies, don’t kill the caterpillars

Do you love butterflies? I love to see them, especially if they come in different colors. There are only rare gardens which have butterflies. So, if you have them in your garden, you are fortunate. So, you better take care of them. An article written by Tom Oder from, if you want to have butterflies in your garden, you should not kill the caterpillars. Do not be tempted to spray them with insecticide or kill them with your tools. In fact, he emphasizes that it is good to plant caterpillar plants if you want to attract butterflies. The female butterflies would only lay their eggs on that plant. An example of caterpillar plant is pipevine (Aristolochia tomentosa). You can also plant passion flower. Although butterflies will feed on nectar plants, this is still useless if you don’t have caterpillar plants because they won’t lay their eggs on those plants.

“Beautiful plants like roses are like a movie set to butterflies,” Glassberg says. “Caterpillars don’t feed on them, so they don’t have any functionality for butterflies.”