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Grow Your Own Wheatgrass


Wheatgrass is a popular drink in juice bars or sold as powdered supplements at health food stores, but it can be rather expensive; this Instructable shows an easy and inexpensive alternative. (more…)

The Most Beautiful Japanese Gardens In The World

Japan is also known for their beautiful and unique garden designs. That’s why other countries are inspired to create their own version of Japanese garden. In fact, even in different houses, lots of homeowners are inclined to have their Japanese garden. Here the top 10 most beautiful Japanese garden from the different countries:

Japanese Garden – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina (more…)

The Floral Emblem Of Northern Territory, Australia

If you would read my posts in the past few weeks, you will find out about the different floral emblems of the states in Australia. Today, I will introduce to you the floral emblem of the Northern Territory.

sturt rose desert


The Best Annual Vines for Your Garden

Annual vines are great to have for your garden. They add beauty and attraction. Because of this, I wonder what the best annual vines are. Good thing that I have found this blog which listed the best annual vines. First on the list is the Morning Glory. These flowers are in blue, purple, pink, and white. However, the flowers may only bloom every morning. Second is the cardinal vine. It grows fast. It can give you red, pink, and white flowers. Lastly is the cypress vine. It also produces, red, pink, and white colors of flowers. The flowers close when it is already afternoon. The rest of these vines are listed here:


The Floral Emblem Of Tasmania, Australia

In the past few weeks we have talked about the different floral emblems of Australia. Today, let’s talk about the floral emblem of Tasmania which is the Blue Gum or Eucalyptus globules. It was proclaimed as the floral Emblem of Australia last November 27, 1962. It was first seen by Jacques-Julien Houton de Labillardiere last 1799. It comes from the family of Myrtaceae which is very common in Australia. This is found in Tasmania specifically the on King and Flinders Islands in Bass Strait and in southern Victoria.

blue gum


South Australian Flower Emblem

sturt's desert pea

The Flower emblem of South Australia is the Sturt’s Desert Pea or its scientific name is Swainsona formosa. It was proclaimed as the flower emblem of South Australia last November 23, 1961. The flower has a unique and outstanding beauty. William Dampier is the one who first saw the flower. But its name was derived from an explorer, Captain Charles Sturt during the 19th century. It produces red flowers with black boss at the base of the uppermost petal. After four months of germination, you can expect its flowers to bloom which can reach up to 9 cm long. In South Australia, this flower is protected. It is illegal to simply get the flowers without permission from the local authorities.


Visit to San Antonio’s Japanese Tea Garden



From, I found a wonderful post about San Antonio’s Japanese Tea Garden. Have ever gone to this kind of place? I love Japanese tea garden. That’s why I was caught of reading the entire article.

This Japanese Tea Garden is located in Brackenridge Park. In the garden, you will find lots of amazing stonework such as pagoda-like pavilion, “a dragon-back bridge”, and path’s edge with toothy walls. The garden is open to the public and spring time is the perfect time for you to visit the place. From the moment you will enter, tropical native plants will welcome you. You will even see a large pond.

The place is perfect if you really want to have a place where you can relax and concentrate, this is the right place for you. Try to read the entire article so that you will be fascinated with how this place is made and maintained. Click here:

Think Like a Gardener

Photography nowadays is very popular. Almost everybody has their own DSLR cameras. If you want to be one, take the tips from the blog which is written by Saxon Holt. He said that if you want to be a great garden photographer, you must think like a gardener. But what he means by that? In fact, most of the garden photographers love gardening. You won’t be able to tell the stories of the scene through your camera if you are not in love with gardening. Just as an example given by the author, he planted dark row of arborvitae to give privacy. From that idea or information, he was able to capture a good picture which is more emphasized. Try to look at the picture below:

Tazetta daffodils in spring meadow garden with narcissus 'Falconet'

He has more to share from that article. You can read it here:

How To Convert Garden Sheds Into Houses

Have you been thinking lately on what to do because there’s not enough space in your house? Why not consider using your garden shed. If this structure is only sitting there idly, gathering dusts on your property and unused for quite a long time, don’t you think converting it to a house is an excellent idea?

These days garden sheds are no longer limited as a storage system for gardening tools and other equipment because it can easily renovated to a house, home gym, guest room or even an office. Conversions of these structures will no longer be costly since it will only need few interior designs.

The first step before you proceed with your project, though, is to consult your local government offices. If permit is needed, fill up the application forms immediately. Seek help from a qualified specialist for all your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs. Provide all the basic requirements to help you save time in processing and pay all necessary fees.

If there is no need to get a permit, all you need to do is draft your own plan, and if you are extremely lucky to be equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, you can immediately put your plan into action. Nowadays, the costs of advanced technology products are going down so it’s really easy for a “do it yourself home repair”. Meanwhile, there are still few things you need to take note of. (more…)

World’s Best Garden Topiary

Topiary is a horticultural practice of clipping shrubs, foliage and twigs of trees to form fanciful or geometric shapes. It’s an art of creating living sculptures.

The very first to have topiary are the Roman gardens but not as artistic as what we have now. There are hundreds or even thousands of beautiful topiary worldwide but we will only feature those that stand out among the rest.

The all-time favorites are taken from Walt Disney World’s Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Center. It’s where characters like The Crocodile in Peter Pan, Woody in Toy Story, Hogsworth in Beauty and The Beast, Lighting McQueen in Cars and Pluto come to life in a special form of topiary. (more…)

Methods of Controlling Pest Infestation in Perennial Plants

growing annuals and perennialsNowadays, perennials are an immense option for whatever garden with their immense diversity of forms, shades and sizes. They also have another essential benefit over other kinds of flowers. Which is, dissimilar annuals, that should be planted again yearly, perennials, by their very natural characteristic are capable of regenerating yearly. This indicates you are liberal to sow once and take pleasure in several seasons of charming blossoms.

While the actual lasting of perennial plants differ from diversity to diversity, a number of kinds like peonies have been perceived to last for decades when sown. This lasting, nonetheless, could appear at a cost, and one of the drawbacks is that the perennial plants require more tending when it comes to upkeep, control of pests and weeding. Dissimilar to the annual garden that is cultivated and begun again yearly, perennial plants stay in the ground over the winter and this could make them susceptible to usual garden pests than other kinds of plants. (more…)