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Frugal gardening: Tips to save on the lawn and garden

Most people don’t like the idea of gardening because of the cost. Yeah, it could be that gardening can cost you more, especially if you have a bigger space. You may need lots of planters or pots. Aside from that, you will also have to pay for the maintenance like buying manure. However, in today’s modern generation, gardening can be less costly as long as you have the right information how to save. From, an article talks about how you can save on the lawn and garden.

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How to Grow and Care for the Sensitive Plant in Containers

Not all plants will grow in your care. There are sensitive plants which really need more attention and maintenance compared to other plants. From, tips how to take care of these plants are given. A good example is the Mimosa pudica. It is perfect to be placed in the balcony. It has the ability to move. It is also called as “touch me not” plant. Once you touch it, it responds by closing the leaves. You can grow it in the container as long as you will provide it from partial to full sunlight exposure. See to it that it receives 8 hours of sunlight. Do not let it soggy when watering. Lastly, this plant can be outside in zone 11. To know more of this interesting plant, click here:

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